View Full Version : Improving comfort on Bogen/Manfrotto 3025 head

4-Oct-2017, 19:14
I have purchased a used 3025 to replace my 3047, for weight and portability reasons. The "star" knobs, though I have re-greased the washers, are not so comfortable to turn when well-tightened, and there are some rough spots on the knob edges as well. I'm wondering how others have solved a similar issue. There is a liquid plastic dip I've seen mentioned for tool handles; there is self-fusing tape, which I am equally unfamiliar with, and perhaps firm foam padding of some kind. Any ideas?

Doremus Scudder
5-Oct-2017, 01:34
I love my 3025 heads (I have two, on different tripods). I can loosen all the knobs and use the head just like a ball head, loosen only two and adjust two directions at once or just use the movements one-at-a-time, like a 3-way head. Very versatile and light.

As for the knobs. I recently lost a knob on one of my heads. I simply went to my local hardware store and bought a large plastic knob/screw combination. Finding the right thread was no problem, but I did have to shorten the threaded portion a bit with a hacksaw.

Anyway, the new knob is larger, round and knurled; a lot easier to deal with than the OEM star knobs. I don't have that much problem with the original knobs, so I haven't replaced them, but you could rather easily.



5-Oct-2017, 17:21
I love the idea, Doremus, and must say that I am almost temped to seek labeled hot and cold water faucet handles, except that I don;t know where I'd find one with a W on it.

I'm just getting used to the head, but I'm delighted to hear that you have found it so lovable, and I look forward to finding my way to that happy state as well.