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4-Oct-2017, 09:06
I just saw on the NEWS that AirBnB has discovered a new way for them to expand their business.

AirBnB, in case you don't know, is a website that connects property owners with short or long-term renters. It can be anything from an entire house to a room in a house to an apartment to a shed. People rent out space for a day, a weekend, a month, or whatever they want. And yes, it is important to be careful renting to people you don't know.

AirBnB has learned the need to expand, in part, because of their experience in Colorado -- where there is now AirTHC. It's the same thing as AirBnB, but because it is private property, it is legal (in Colorado) to smoke marijuana -- so renters are willing to spend more. So AirBnB has decided to encourage AirBnB "hosts" to offer other special activities, events, services, etc. -- things that renters can't get at a hotel. For example, an AirBnB host that lives next to a popular birding or hiking area can offer hikes, binoculars, bird books and information to the renters.

Me? I have an empty bed room and a complete darkroom in my basement. Most of the time they just sit there. Why not offer an AirBnB room to photographers who want to photograph Colorado and have access to a free darkroom -- with a stereo? AND marijuana?

It's not something I'm going to explore anytime soon, but it's an opportunity for sure -- and maybe for you!

Any thoughts? Since I live in the house, I'm not worried about loss, plus I can throw in tech support.

4-Oct-2017, 10:06
Liability when some renter gets into a vehicle accident, hurts someone and tests positive for Pot? Then it comes to light you advertise they can smoke it there if they rent from you. Sure, it is legal but I bet attorneys will line up to go after everyone involved, including your enticement to rent and smoke.

4-Oct-2017, 12:25

4-Oct-2017, 13:30
I think having a darkroom might be an obscure attraction. You'd have to market it a bit more... grease some wheels at any local arts schools/workshop teachers, put it in your tagline here and apug and do some social media, etc... If you don't have a work schedule, you could probably be a tour guide for photographers as well. Photographers would appreciate the local expertise.

As for pot, I appreciate the freedom your state shows on matters like that politically, but would never stay at a place that was for smokers of any sort. Cigarette smoke irritates my sinuses, pot smoke does that and gives me a headache too. Heavy duty cleaning chemicals do the same...

4-Oct-2017, 14:14
I would say your total market, defined by you, is about nine people.

The ability for you to sell them is 0%.

4-Oct-2017, 15:13
As for pot, I appreciate the freedom your state shows on matters like that politically, but would never stay at a place that was for smokers of any sort. Cigarette smoke irritates my sinuses, pot smoke does that and gives me a headache too. Heavy duty cleaning chemicals do the same...

How do you tolerate stop bath?

4-Oct-2017, 15:17
Personally, I wouldn't want dopers in my house. I have a few valuable collectible cameras lying about.

Kent in SD

4-Oct-2017, 15:24
Just a couple of points.

If a hotel rents a room to someone who goes out and gets drunk and drives and causes an accident, the hotel is not in any way responsible.

Second, you have NO idea how many rooms and houses are being rented out through Airbnb in Colorado -- let alone AirTHC. And you have no idea how much $$$ people are making. Even I am shocked. People can't smoke dope in hotels. It is legal in homes. AirBnB-ers are getting hundreds of dollars per weekend per room -- within driving distance of mountain hiking, great sports teams, National Parks, ETC.

I'm not a business man, but it seems like a LOT of -- basically -- free money to me.

I'm not saying it is for everyone. I might be in an unusual situation -- an empty bedroom, an empty darkroom, lots of photo gear, a state where pot is legal, beautiful terrain and activities. But don't blame me!

4-Oct-2017, 15:28
Personally, I wouldn't want dopers in my house. I have a few valuable collectible cameras lying about.

Kent in SD

More power to SD, but the majority of voters in Colorado (I won't lists the other states) don't seem as concerned. We all must be "Rocky Mountain High"!

4-Oct-2017, 15:33
PLUS, if shutterbugs don't want to use my darkroom -- I could offer seminars -- I have a complete computer system in their room with LOTS of photo software and a T1 line for the digital "freaks".

4-Oct-2017, 15:53
I thought this wasn't for you. You seem to be advertising your place. I'm confused.

4-Oct-2017, 16:21
I'm not advertising anything. I don't know how you got that idea. I'm just suggesting an idea to others.

I have nothing to with AirBnB, AirTHC, booze, pot, or anything.

All I'm doing it trying to BRAINSTORM with colleagues.

David Lobato
4-Oct-2017, 19:00
I'd go the opposite way. I used to do darkroom work all night, and final washing and setting prints up to dry and cleaning up took till dawn sometimes. So rent your bedroom out instead to normal people while you're not using it. And perhaps sell a print to them.

Merg Ross
4-Oct-2017, 21:39
Some have opined that the LFPF forum has deteriorated. This thread gives proof to their concerns. What, I ask, does this have to do with large format photography? Perhaps better placed in the Lounge.

5-Oct-2017, 00:31
Airbnb trialled this in Queenstown. You can go on beekeeping tours among others. It is not easy to be accepted by them, they will do due diligence, and they take 30% commission if my memory serves.

5-Oct-2017, 06:39
What, I ask, does this have to do with large format photography? Perhaps better placed in the Lounge.

If I am doing it -- whatever "IT" is -- to make a profit, many (and perhaps most), includeing the IRS will consider it a business.

If I'm offering LF instruction, gear and darkroom facilities, for a fee -- it has EVERYTHING to do with business and LF photography -- and this forum.

Many people -- all over the place -- make some, much, most, or all of their income from AirBnB -- and other similar methods, such as UBER -- whether or not alcohol, tobacco, dope, beekeeping, and/or darkrooms are involved. It's difficult to watch the local TV NEWS out here without them constantly reporting on the crazy rents, home and hotel prices -- and how many people are making LOTS of money using AirBnB, etc. -- especially from out-of-Staters, of course. Whether they come here to ski, hike, smoke grass, take pictures, or "D" all the above, is irrelevant. They are coming here, have cash in their pockets, and a lot of choices as to where to stay.

If you don't like the discussion or don't want to participate -- then don't -- but it has every reason to be discussed here.

I'm not advocating that anyone do anything, but I know that there are LOTS of people around the country that are interested in photography and willing to hand over a lot of cash to stay for a while in my beautiful State. Why shouldn't I jump on the bandwagon? My having additional amenities, such as analog and digital darkrooms, tons of photography books, 50 years of experience, tons of maps of the entire State where dope is legal make it seem like a no-brainer to me.

P.S. As always, my friends and relatives come here and stay for free -- and some of them make use of my photographic amenities.

Drew Bedo
5-Oct-2017, 06:41
Sounds as though there ARE possibilities. Perhaps not for tue current thread contributors, but this does sound like an opportunity for someone to offer space and amenities for niche interests. Finding that niche and the good fit for what people will pay for is the trick.

AirBnB (orAir- WhoEver) is another way to rteach out with an offer . . .another way of advertising . Any of the workshop vernues styartted small and used magazine advertising to grow. WHO reads magazines any more?

5-Oct-2017, 07:16
Someone should try it and let us know what the possibilities really are. talk is interesting but talk is cheap.

For me... I'd rather stay in a cheap motel than bunk on somebody's couch... or guest room.

But however the lodging works out, Colorado is a great place to visit and photograph. Dope is more of a detractor to me than an atttraction. Now, offer me a good chile slopper and a cold beer... and maybe I'd be more attracted.

Regarding magazines... I don't read them but I do look at the pictures!

5-Oct-2017, 07:17
Finding that niche and the good fit for what people will pay for is the trick.

That's where AirBnB comes in. If someone in Massachusetts is checking out vacation possibilities, I would be EASY to find, and AirBnB takes care of the details -- such as chile and beer, and the view of the Rockies out my back door:


5-Oct-2017, 07:41
That's pretty!

Whenever I've stayed at "traditional " Bed and Breakfasts it has been specifically to either stay in a vintage/historic home or to be exactly in the town/area I'm interested in photographing. The drive from Denver (I'm assuming your on the West side of the city from that picture) could be promising. Now I'm thinking... a clean bed and comfortable room might be an option...especially if you'd loan me some gear so I don't have to schlepp my own and a ride to some nice locations...

How much would you estimate for an off-season weekend?

5-Oct-2017, 07:55
Looks like I have a potential client already! So much for the naysayers.

This is merely a crazy idea that came to me after a recent NEWS report about AirBnB's new business approach to have their "sellers/agents" (I don't know what they call them) to offer "themed" facilities, such as hiking, hunting, golfing, bird-watching, river-running, theater, mountain-biking, etc. "services". These are just various amenities that the "seller" could offer such as maps & guide books, guided hikes, backpacks, tents, gold-panning gear, etc. to better match up the "buyer & seller". The list is endless and up to the home owner.

For me, it has not gone passed a thought, an idea. I have no details about when this would ever happen -- other than "no time soon!". But I've looked on Craigslist -- NOT AirBnB -- for "RENTALS of rooms in houses", and depending on the location, facilities, etc., etc. single rooms are going for $500-$1500 a month. That's just for a room -- nothing else. I could always rent-out or include photo gear in just about any film format, in any way I wanted -- from included to an extra fee. FYI, the MEDIAN rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the Denver Metro area is $2,000 per month.

What someone would pay for a day, a week-end, or a week, I have no idea. But I think there are limitless possibilities -- even if you DON'T live in Colorado. There are people all over the country that are realizing that they have an extra bedroom (or two) that are just sitting there -- gathering dust, instead of cash. That thought was what created AirBnB in the first place -- and it has, and is, EXPLODING!!!

True, you do need to decide for yourself how much time and energy you want to spend -- in addition to your need for privacy. For many people, the thought of a stranger(s) staying in the same house -- even for a weekend -- is unthinkable, but for others it would be a lot of fun. Of course many AirBnB-ers don't live where they rent -- but that can create its own issues/problems.

5-Oct-2017, 08:16
Renting a room is easy. A lot of people do it. My neighbor always has her "mother-in-law suite" rented to a stranger. It is bedroom and bath with separate entrance. Oh, and a laundry closet that has been converted to house a small fridge and microwave. Occasionally they've had problems that made them stop renting for a while. I assume the money is good enough to make it worthwhile to them. I don't know how she gets clients but all she seems to offer is a room in exchange for money. Nothing else.

Offering a large format photography workshop might be another thing altogether. But even if minimal it might be enough to attract a photographer.

But offering a spare room in my house would be out of the question, just like staying at a spare room in someone else's house... unless it is like has a separate entrance or is a "back cottage". I outgrew sofas and guest rooms years ago. But that's just me.

8-Oct-2017, 18:01
Have been looking into Airbnb for a long term stay. First, you can rent anything from an entire house to a shared room. Lots of "entire" spaces for rent.

From what I can tell, they take 3% from the person listing the space plus 6-12% (over the rental cost) from the person renting the space.

Hard to imagine much liability for what the renter does unless you facilitate or fail to report illegal behavior.

Making your darkroom available to renters would be an advantage to a very small slice of the public and probably only if near a very compelling location for film photography.

8-Oct-2017, 21:35
It's also necessary to check with local codes for restrictions. For example, some places require you to register or have a license, etc. I doubt if AirBnB keeps track of that some of thing -- which can change over time.

The only bad outcomes I've heard about were where the owners rented out entire houses and found them trashed, etc.

8-Oct-2017, 22:53
I have had several guests request to stay with me because I was interested in photography or had a drkroom. Only two in 2 years actually used the darkroom. This was through other venues, but it is something traveling photographers look for. there was even a darkroom map being compiled at one point to help link photographers together to share resources when traveling or to make connections and collaborate.

9-Oct-2017, 04:57
Many more municipalities are taxing or regulating.

On safety: http://www.startribune.com/man-renting-bedroom-at-airbnb-home-charged-with-attempting-to-sexually-assault-7-year-old/448032293/

I went to their site last night to see if you could search for terms like darkroom but could not find a way.

9-Oct-2017, 07:59
I just took a look at the AirBnB website, and they have a tab labeled "EXPERIENCES", where you can choose topics or areas of interest, from Art Museums to Zoos. There are a ton of homeowners who target a ton of different "EXPERIENCES" -- no matter how small the "niche". It's a big world. I didn't see a way to search for a particular "EXPERIENCE", however. It might be there, but something keeps freezing the website on my computer.

bob carnie
9-Oct-2017, 08:19
I have visitors and clients come all the time to my shop, I am considering in my next move 2019 to build a visitors room that I can rent out while they are in town and to put it on AirBnB for all other times.. I like the idea of it being separate and my wife would kill me if we put this room within our living quarters...

Something quite frugal, but livable, I think this is a great idea.Stand up Shower, decent quality bed and a small hot plate coffee station with sitting area... (something I would like when the wife kicks me out)

I am more comfortable when I travel to stay in hotels rather than other peoples homes, no matter the savings it just feels better to me.

9-Oct-2017, 17:13
I think it's a wonderful idea (for extroverts). I've avoided renting them to date in favor of cottages, because I'm not an extrovert and really don't want to meet people when I travel. And I'm not renting out my 2 spare rooms because I don't like people coming into my swamp.

9-Oct-2017, 17:29
I'm not renting out my 2 spare rooms because I don't like people coming into my swamp.

This is one of my biggest obstacles as well, but I look at it as just one more incentive to get my butt in gear!!!

Ya' know -- turn a frown upside down, sort of thing.

10-Oct-2017, 06:37
Ya... I know... like making lemons out of lemonade. :)

David Lobato
10-Oct-2017, 08:18
It's already being done.

10-Oct-2017, 09:04
It's already being done.

YIKES!! As usual, I'm the last one up to the plate! Can anyone guess what a night at a Ritz-Carleton in the mountains of Colorado with a personalized photographic seminar from a National Geographuc shooter would cost?

WAY OUT OF MY league, for sure. But maybe there are some "low-end" shutterbugs that would prefer a night or two in a quiet home with a REAL Mexican restaurant down the street. I could not only offer them camera gear and a free darkroom, pero mas importante, mucho mas -- lecciones en Espanol (por nada, por supuesto).

13-Oct-2017, 10:09
... Hard to imagine much liability for what the renter does unless you facilitate or fail to report illegal behavior...

Toronto home trashed in 'Horrific' online rental-gone-wrong.


Andrew O'Neill
13-Oct-2017, 10:38
...and you'd have to watch out for people using your place specifically as a brothel.

14-Oct-2017, 05:53
... and my ceiling might collapse in the next five minutes. YIKES, I better get into my fall-out shelter. OOPS, THAT has a ceiling, too!

I could go out for a long hike and take some pictures instead --- but I better not -- I might get stuck by lightning.

Paranoia strikes deep.

Fred L
14-Oct-2017, 06:35
I'm not sure I'd want to advertise a home that had a darkroom, and hence, photographic equipment. Hell, I don't even want to rent to stranger to begin with. See Taija71a's link. Not the first time renters have trashed a home and won't be the last.

14-Oct-2017, 06:45
I'm not sure I'd want to advertise a home that had a darkroom, and hence, photographic equipment. .

You are right, of course.

But now I'll be up all night trying to figure out how to prevent a couple from Florida from stealing my Beseler CB7 from under my nose! My first thought is to chain it to my bed.

Fred L
14-Oct-2017, 09:38
If it were a Focomat or Devere, maybe lol

14-Oct-2017, 10:14
I'll chip in and give you an Omega D-2 that you can use as an expendable decoy.

stefan dinu
28-Oct-2017, 23:48
I never had this much fun on this forum. And I do enter the thread to find out about it since I am about to start renting in Bucharest.
What is the fuss abut smoking pot either? Marijuana is like non-alcoholic beer for a darkroom buff.
AirMeth would be awful though.

29-Oct-2017, 06:03
Are you planning on including or offering any photographic services, such as camera gear/services, a darkroom/software, tours of your beautiful city, etc.? Is grass legal in Romania? How about in your darkroom?