View Full Version : Voightlander Color Skopar 150mm 3.5

3-Oct-2017, 09:18
Anyone have any knowledge on this guy? I posted it in another forum, but we don't know much yet. I've seen 105mm Color Skopars, but not 150mm. Plus there isn't a serial number I can see, except on the shutter.

The style is the same as what was put on the Bessa II folder at the time, using mm and not cm and that typeface. Also it's correct in using that shutter. Is this simply Voigtlander using post war components that were at hand, or something else?



Dan Fromm
3-Oct-2017, 10:21
If P-H Pont's chronology is right, that shutter was made in the late 1920s. So the lens has been reshuttered. The factory wouldn't have done it.

Otherwise, just another tessar type. FWIW, my little Perkeo II has an 80/3.5 Color Skopar. I've never got a satisfactorily sharp shot from it. My late friend Charlie Barringer had one, same story. I've asked Eric Beltrando (visit his site, dioptrique.info) about it, he thinks Color Skopars aren't the best tessar types.

3-Oct-2017, 11:02
I'm more asking about the manufacture of the this particular model, than lens design. I know they made these in regular stock up to 105mm (as in on the Bessa II), but I can't find anything above that. If this was meant for mf and not lf, I'd love to know which camera it was designed for. Hopefully someone might know more!

3-Oct-2017, 13:14
Cool, never seen a 150mm Color Skopar. I used to have a Bessa RF with the 105mm CS and it was very good...not sure what's up with the 80mm on your Perkeo. I have a couple of 150mm Zeiss Tessars, it'd be fun to try the Voigtlander though in comparison. I like Voigtlander glass a lot.

4-Oct-2017, 20:02
Every large camera manufacturer had a large number of folding medium and large format types on offer. They were available in combinations of plate format, lens and shutter.
Here is one example of a 9x12 cm folder from voigtlander that was offered with 150 anastigmat (cheap), skopar (middle) or heliar (expensive) in compur.

There were many more types, so the lens as such is not surprising, just rare.


5-Oct-2017, 10:09
Actually, the Avus you linked had a 13.5cm lens....and it's a 4.5. I'm aware that Voigtlander made folders, hence the Bessa II I mentioned. It would be extremely odd for a 150mm to be on any folder, actually. Seems like it's a bit of a mystery.