View Full Version : Various Windowless software products for graphical artists

29-Sep-2017, 19:45

Recent issues with Adobe has led me to start putting more time into learning alternatives. I thought I'd share some options with you all here.

I use Linux for various security-related reasons in my everyday work and have done so for a number of years. WikiLeaks revelations in recent times have confirmed my choices.

This list is not exhaustive and I give a rating as to the useability of the software. As many would have seen, software outside the Windows platform can be very pre-historic in the look and feel but there are exceptions.

GIMP - nightly build v2.9.7 - (9/10) full bit depth and very scarily capable for digital image manipulation and digital art creation. Steep learning curve ahead.
Scribus (9/10) for seriously capable desktop publishing. Steep learning curve ahead.
Inkscape (8/10) for scaling vector graphics - svg files. Less steep learning curve ahead.
VueScan (9/10) scanning software. I purchased it almost 10 years ago.

If anyone feels there are better alternatives or other softwares then pitch in ! Things are looking a bit serious now in this space. The alternatives to mainstream are taking shape and becoming a serious threat to the establishment players. Cost of the above is a Pro license of Vuescan. Another year or two and its all over.