View Full Version : Camera Movements and Focus Books

27-Sep-2017, 18:12
Where can I put my hands on a good book that describes in detail both camera movements and focusing practices for LF ?
Does the Zone VI book go into any of these topics, or does it just cover the Zone System ?

Mark Stahlke
27-Sep-2017, 18:40
I highly recommend Steve Simmons' Using The View Camera

Doremus Scudder
28-Sep-2017, 02:15
The "Bible" for view cameras is Leslie Stroebels "View Camera Technique." It is pretty technical and dense and maybe better as a reference than a beginner's guide.

When starting out, I relied on Ansel Adams' "The Camera" and recommend it highly. I believe you can pick up a used copy (or even a digital copy) pretty cheaply these days (I see one for $3.49 on Amazon right now...). The Simmons book referred to above is also good for beginners, but has less general information than the Adams book.



Robert Opheim
4-Oct-2017, 19:30
Stoebel's "View Camera Technique" is a great book, Kodak also had a pamphlet on view camera use. You could probably find either one with bookfind or on ebay.

Jim Jones
5-Oct-2017, 07:33
Stroebel's book is the best. Early editions may be a bit outdated for those who believe that new is always better. The early books on the subject by Ansel Adams have more of his distinct viewpoint, but are dated in regard to equipment. The earliest edition of Harvey Shaman's The View Camera is now 40 years old. Jim Stone's A User's Guide to the View Camera by Jim Stone is newer. Harold Merkingler (http://www.trenholm.org/hmmerk/) has information on the subject.