View Full Version : Jobo Maxilux settings for colour?

Phil Hudson
26-Sep-2017, 21:56
I'm hoping to use my Jobo Maxilux safelight for RA-4 but I don't have the instructions. Can any users recall which head setting works for Fuji Crystal Archive paper? I know the setting number 1 is good for VC papers but this is my first foray into colour. Any advice regarding distance based on experience with this safelight and paper choice? I'm reluctant to buy another safelight for the small amount of colour work I want to do.

27-Sep-2017, 06:58
I have a minilux I used to use for color printing, on the low setting. I know, not the same but probably the same light output color. You will want it as dim as possible. Another option might be infrared goggles.

I got used to just working in total darkness so don't bother with the minilux anymore, once you know where everything is by feel, it's not that bad. good luck!


Oren Grad
27-Sep-2017, 09:30
The Maxilux instruction sheet says, in effect, that the "A" filter setting is for color reversal papers and the "K" setting is for negative/positive papers, which would presumably include Crystal Archive. It also recommends a (minimum) distance of 150 cm / 59 inches and a (maximum) exposure time of 4 minutes of direct illumination for negative/positive papers with the K filter setting.

I've never printed color and have used my Maxilux only on the B/W filter setting, so I'm afraid I can't offer any advice from experience on how well the K setting works.

Drew Wiley
2-Oct-2017, 17:45
I recently tested my Minilux with Crystal Archive successfully (temporary illumination about as foot away), but can't comment on the Maxilux.what

Phil Hudson
3-Oct-2017, 12:25
Thanks for the replies so far. I'm slightly puzzled because my Maxilux Colour has a rotating filter head numbered 1, 2 and 3 rather than A, K etc. Any ideas?

Oren Grad
3-Oct-2017, 18:38
Phil - it will be the weekend before I can get to it, but if you can tell me the colors on your Maxilux that correspond to 1/2/3, I'll check it against mine and see if I can sort this out relative to the instruction sheet I quoted.

Oren Grad
10-Oct-2017, 12:12
OK, following up on this... My Maxilux is labeled 1, 2, 3 also. Color #1 I would call bright amber, color #2 is dim amber, and color #3 is green. I use #1 for B&W. The Crystal Archive data sheet says:

Handle in total darkness. If safelight use is unavoidable, observe the following precautions.
Expose paper no longer than 1 minute to light emitted through two Fuji Safelight Filters No. 103A (or Wratten Safelight Filters No. 13) in a 10-watt tungsten lamp safelight located at least 1 meter from the work area.

Wratten #13 is amber. Given the need to strictly minimize exposure, it would seem that color #2 (dim amber) would be the one to try.

Drew Wiley
10-Oct-2017, 18:49
Even the tiny little Jobo Minilux is way brighter than a #13 glass filter on a Kodak safelight, which I found so dim as to be useless. I only use the Minilux momentarily, when loading color rolls onto the cutter spools. After that, it's total darkness.

Phil Hudson
11-Oct-2017, 14:56
Thanks for all the info - I'll try setting #2 when my paper and chemistry arrives. Might also invest in a Minilux for hanging round my neck!

Phil Hudson
12-Dec-2017, 12:32
Just to follow this up......the No.2 setting works well for Crystal Archive paper.

Thanks to all who helped.