View Full Version : Late 2017 e6 Processing in NYC Recommendations

22-Sep-2017, 18:23
CRC? Duggal?

Others? Any to avoid?

My old standby LTI no longer does

I don't want to mail order or process myself as easy as that may be : )

29-Sep-2017, 05:37
Doing my own investigation

Tried Color House, not bad, first run cleaner than second which had a bit of dust dried into it

Will try CRC next

29-Sep-2017, 06:58

CRC worked pretty well for me though the 8x10 film I had processed there was very old so there was a color shift. Otherwise it looked good (and clean IIRC).

edit: looks like they moved so who knows. Also, geez, the online reviews are really terrible...

30-Sep-2017, 08:20
Thanks Ethan

Processed film at Color House 3 consecutive days, first was ok, 2nd was dirty, 3rd less duty but some random film damage
Nothing excessive or unfixable but not really impressed overall. Too bad

At this point I’m not really liking what Provia is giving me and Velvia isn’t my thing so I’ll suspend these tests for now

If there’s any new e6 films introduced (“if”) I’ll try CRC

30-Sep-2017, 08:58

Anil is fantastic! I've been going to him since the 1980's when he managed the U.S. Color Lab. Excellent place for e6, c41, and b/w work for all of my work- half-frame through 8x10. Total professional and a fine gentleman to deal with.


30-Sep-2017, 09:04
Thanks Doug, good to know

I’ve been with LTI family of labs since the 90s but US Color did good e6 back then

Bleeker (wonder why the c went missing) is even closer to me than Color House, will try them next time as CRC has moved to midtown and I haven’t heard any real first hand experiences (outside of Ethan’s expired film above)

30-Sep-2017, 14:32

Just looked at your web site Adam. Very nice work!


6-Mar-2018, 13:17
Just an update, after scanning several old chromes I can now see The Color House processing is not dirtier than my old pro lab

I will continue to use them

Chris Chow
21-Mar-2018, 20:13
I have had a terrible experience at CRC developing a color roll and was scratched.

I get my color film developed at LTI and slide film developed at Bleeker Digital at soho.

Avoid CRC at all costs.

18-May-2018, 05:33
Been running Provia through Color House, no matter what I do I can’t get rid of the magenta cast. I expect it to run blue or even cyan but not magenta which makes me suspicious of the chemistry.

I’ll try Bleeker and compare

22-May-2018, 14:53
Ran some rolls through Bleeker

Difference is night and day

Will continue with Anil

Thanks for the recommendation

22-May-2018, 15:31
Bleeker has never disappointed me. I won't go anywhere else. I've had disasters at every other lab I've used over the last 35 years, even Duggal (only once, to be fair). Anil is the man!

Also as an answer to your question, what happened to the "c" in Bleecker, when I moved to the east village in 1982, the city's generated street sign at the north end of Crosby was misspelled as "Bleeker" at that corner for many years. Only spelled incorrectly at that one intersection, then finally replaced.


22-May-2018, 15:35
Ah, that's right! And wasn't US Color there at the top of Crosby originally?

22-May-2018, 16:00
Yes. And it still is the only building in all of NYC designed by the famous Chicago architect, Louis Sullivan. (The Bayard–Condict Building, completed 1899.)