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21-Sep-2017, 12:10
Hello All

Live in Lyneham, Wiltshire. Loved my photography for nearly 45 years and done all the usual, 35mm to digital to MF and just over a year ago moved up to 4x5 with an MPP Microtechnical. It really fits with my love of landscapes, makes me slow down and consider the scene in front of me and lighting.

Andrew O'Neill
25-Sep-2017, 19:56
Welcome to the forum!

Pete Oakley
26-Sep-2017, 01:03
Welcome, Karl.

26-Sep-2017, 17:37
Welcome from another new forum member!
I'm rather newer than you are to 4x5 but started for much the same reasons. I don't quite know my way around here yet but it sure feels nice and welcoming.


28-Sep-2017, 00:34
Welcome from Yorkshire

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