View Full Version : Epson flatbed film holder dimensions???

18-Sep-2017, 16:29
AS there are Epson film holders available, but none for Microtek (i900 to be specific), I want to see if it is worthwhile to see if/how they fit... Can any of you colleagues measure the outside dimensions of your v700, 800, 4990 etc holders for me?

Jim Jones
18-Sep-2017, 20:11
Perhaps the calibration notch can be disregarded and the location tabs removed if they interfere with use on another brand of scanner.169956

19-Sep-2017, 05:27
Microtek film holders are occasionally available on eBay.
Film holders for the i900 & i800 are identical with the exception of their color i900 (black) and i800 (white).
If your interested in an i800 set (contact me privately)?

19-Sep-2017, 09:41
Thanks! The other thing is, the Microtek MF only hold either (best) one strip or (worse) frames that have been cut singly. A shame, for such a good, glassfree scanner.