View Full Version : LPL-4500 VCCE head: which number is Kodak vs Ilford variable contrast setting?

16-Sep-2017, 13:49
Our organization has two Saunders/Omega/LPL 4500 series enlargers but we do not have the manual for the VCCE (Variable Contrast Constant Exposure) head. The head has two settings on a slide switch "1" vs "2". Reportedly one of the settings is for Kodak variable contrast papers and the other for Ilford variable contrast papers. Is 1=Kodak and 2=Ilford or is it 1=Ilford and 2=Kodak? See photo below (click to see full size).


Thank you.

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Jon Shiu
16-Sep-2017, 16:35
I believe Kodak is 1 and Ilford 2. A hint: Kodak goes to 6, whereas Ilford only to 5.

16-Sep-2017, 20:36
Ilford is 2