View Full Version : Is this where New55 went wrong?

16-Sep-2017, 10:47
I don't know New55's formal situation but I do get the impression they aren't racking in the cash. Unfortunately they didn't fund their latest Kickstarter and have had teething issues all the way through since they started. I really hope they turn it around however I can't afford to pay $15 a photo so can't help them out.

I understand it may not have been possible due to legal issues or difficulty but I can't help but think they would have been much better off developing an FP3000B45 copy. I think it would be much more interesting to a wider market letting them gain revenue which could enable them to create New55 if they wanted.

I think this based on the success of Impossible due to the 'Hipster' appeal.

What do you think?

Oren Grad
16-Sep-2017, 11:43


18-Sep-2017, 10:54
They canceled their last kickstarter because they could no longer get pods made. AFAIK this is now the end of the line for them.

19-Sep-2017, 09:18
Sadly it does seem like that is the case. I was never a customer (I still like Polaroid 55 a lot though), it just wasn't there for me in respect to value/quality. If they had gotten it as good as old 55 I would have bought some. Ultimately it comes down to not enough investment funds to bring things to fruition.

22-Sep-2017, 05:12


I thought this might be the case. I guess my point is a film like New55 is difficult to use and thus is uninteresting to the layman (average enthusiast who might only use polaroid 600 type cameras). Like it or not it's this general market that supports a product and enables it for everyone.

8-Dec-2017, 22:10
Has there been any update as to the status of things as 2018 rolls in?