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Timothy McGaw
15-Sep-2017, 07:59
Hello Large Format community!

I'm new to this medium. So new, in fact, that I haven't finished building my kit yet. But I figured this was the place to come for learning/insights as I assemble my toolkit.

I'm aiming to get myself up and running with a good 10x8 setup. Currently I shoot my landscapes on a digital SLR but I'm keen to progress to something that is going to slow me down and require a bit more craft and consideration. Also, view camera composition just looks like it offers so much more with all of the movements available. Not to mention the level of detail you can get from sheet film.

I'm based in the North West of England. I travel around to places like North Wales, The Lakes, Peak District and Scotland for my photo trips at the moment.

Looking forward to learning and being part of the community.

15-Sep-2017, 08:20

When you say "building my kit", do you me building the camera -- as some do, from a kit of pieces -- or do you mean putting together an outfit of a camera and lenses, etc.?

Timothy McGaw
15-Sep-2017, 12:49
Ah yes. Sorry I should have been more specific. Yes, it's the latter. Putting together an outfit of camera and lenses.

15-Sep-2017, 15:30
Made sense to me! I hope you enjoy the new experience.

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21-Sep-2017, 12:03
Hello Timothy, im also in the uk, fairly new to LF but loving it. Next big film trip will be Skye in Feb