View Full Version : Darkroom available in Madison, Wisconsin USA

14-Sep-2017, 13:01
PhotoMidwest (formerly The Center for Photography in Madison) has a new darkroom at our new location, 700 Rayovac Dr., Madison WI.

Film developing equipment is available for 35mm up to 4x5" sheet film. Wet film can be hung in a drying cabinet; film on metal developing reels can also be dried on our blower drier.

There are three excellent enlargers, a Leitz Focomat V35 for 35mm and two Saunders/Omega/LPL 4500 series enlargers that can enlarge negative sizes from 35mm up to 4x5". All three enlargers are equipped with variable contrast heads if you want to use variable contrast paper. Enlarging easels and print developing trays are available for prints up to 23 x 25". There are two archival print washers and two print dryers.

All of this is in a well lit darkroom due to the two Thomas Duplex Supersafelights with their low pressure sodium vapor bulbs.

PhotoMidwest members can reserve darkroom time online in real-time on the PhotoMidwest website. Payment for darkroom time is also done online via the website.

For more information and to become a member, please visit the PhotoMidwest website at: www.PhotoMidwest.Org

14-Sep-2017, 13:03
Wow! Good luck to you. Madtown is just right for that. Gosh, I miss it.

(Long ago I was stationed at long-gone Truax AFB and my mate was a waitress on the capital street in Madtown (Madison))