View Full Version : Durst 1200 Elite 2000 computerised autofocus system Big Problem, please HELP

14-Sep-2017, 06:03
Hello everyone, i am writing in short my problem,
My Elite 2000 unit does not lighten up, neither it respond on buttons pushing.
Only the Expose button green light appears after powering the unit, but
that is all.
I am desperate as i have quite an important print session today,
any idea what is happening and how to proceed?

Thanks in advance!

Renato Tonelli
14-Sep-2017, 06:41
I suppose you've checked to see if the lamp is blown and needs to be replaced.
Also check to see if the lamp socket receives power - you need to know how to do this properly and safely.
Hopefully, there will be more substantive suggestions.

gary mulder
14-Sep-2017, 07:32
With the unit off. Press the enter key. Power on.
All leds and the displays go on for 1.5 sec.
If not you are toast.
If they went on you can now manual control the unit. As temporary solution.