View Full Version : Just starting out and I need a better tripod head

13-Sep-2017, 12:14
Just getting started with 4x5 and have most of the gear sussed.
However, the tripod I'm using is the "big" one from my 35mm and MF "kit". The tripod is fine for supporting my camera/lens/etc now--I'm shooting an Intrepid 4x5 with a Wollensak 135mm Raptar, so I'm only putting about 4 or 5 pounds (2 1/4 Kilos aprox) on it. The head I've got will support that and does lock down just fine.
BUT, I really don't like setting the camera with it. It's a big pain to move the camera in only one direction. So, I am looking at 3-way heads. Probably geared.

My budget isn't too much so I think I'll be looking at a Bogen 3047 or something similar. I'm showing my age a bit here as you can tell by my referring to "Bogen" ...:)

What other brands/heads should I be considering? Mainly looking at used, unless there's something decent around what I mostly see the 3047 selling for. Not much more than 150 USD.


13-Sep-2017, 12:43
3047 are dime a dozen. You could even use a 3025 which is what I do for 4x5. Not geared of course, but affordable, small, and convenient.

13-Sep-2017, 13:10
I've used a 3047 for nearly 40 years for 4x5. Works great! These are cheap and you can't go wrong.

13-Sep-2017, 13:21
3047 are dime a dozen. You could even use a 3025 which is what I do for 4x5. Not geared of course, but affordable, small, and convenient.

I just noticed my mistake in my post --I intended to say "Bogen 3275"...I'd been googling a bit and had looked at the 3047 but kind of passed it by as I was thinking about geared heads.

I do see some new 3047s on Amazon and the price certainly appeals.


Jim Fitzgerald
13-Sep-2017, 15:31
Rob if you need a good 3047 head for a good price let me know.

14-Sep-2017, 05:04
For studio, I'd get a majestic tripod/head, best bang for the buck! L

15-Sep-2017, 05:59
Was just at the lake shore this morning, hoping to get a photo of a couple tiny islands in the swirling fog that we had as the sun rose.
By the time I got the frikkin ball head set, the fog had moved to cover both islands. :(

I do happen to have a pile of black core foam board, maybe I'll make a rigid viewing hood. I could then get the composition pretty well set and then get the dark cloth and loupe for final focusing. Hmm, need to think about this a bit.

Once I've got next month's bills paid, first purchase will be a new--or new to me--head.

I did get some other photos this morning. Won't know for sure how well I did til next week when I'm back home and process them.


Alan Gales
15-Sep-2017, 08:25
How about the very popular Manfrotto Junior 410 geared head? I know it's above your budget but you may find one used on Ebay close to your budget.