View Full Version : What's this flange for? 126mm at threads. Kodak 405 portrait lens?

7-Sep-2017, 23:17
I have a big lens flange from a 9x9 board and I'm wondering what lens(es) it's for. It's about 126mm across threads, and it looks similar to the flange for the 305 Kodak portrait lens. Pic attached, can any 405 Kodak portrait lens owners let me know if I'm right? Any other lenses out there with a similar flange? Thanks for looking ;)


Steven Tribe
8-Sep-2017, 01:37
There are lots of lenses that might fit this - I have some of them!

The finish looks quite late - after 1940?

The thread is unusual in being raised, rather than cut into the "tube". Looks like something our Mr. Grimes (Or another workshop) has made.

Tracy Storer
8-Sep-2017, 15:36
Looks EXACTLY like the original flange for my Kodak 405 Portrait, size is right too.

9-Sep-2017, 01:23
Tracy, thanks for replying - it looks like the flange for a 405 portrait on eBay, but there's no photo of the flange alone. Your comment is very helpful.

Steven, I'm not sure about the finish, but think it's black anodized brass. There's a glimmer of brass showing in a couple of small places on the threads.

I wonder about if there are other lenses that could use this flange (assuming it is a Kodak 405 flange) because I was happy to find that the Kodak 305 flange is a perfect fit for the rear tube of a Wollensak lens in a No.3 Studio shutter.