View Full Version : A show in Louisville, KY

Jan Pietrzak
6-Sep-2017, 14:50
If you are in Louisville, KY
....stop by and see us,
Kirk, Philip and Jan

Merg Ross
6-Sep-2017, 15:13
Sounds like a good show. Congratulations to all!


Jan Pietrzak
6-Sep-2017, 15:22

Thank you, Kirk and I will be in Louisville, and Philip will be on Skype (OK).....jp

Kirk Gittings
6-Sep-2017, 15:23
We look forward to seeing some fellow LF photographers there!

Kirk Gittings
6-Sep-2017, 15:41
a larger image https://scontent-sjc2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/21366668_10214188488496141_2186549962073896213_o.jpg?oh=fb3353b585cb5d149987522483378995&oe=5A5FCD70

Chauncey Walden
10-Sep-2017, 09:15
Sorry I can't make this one it sounds like it will be great. Are you going to repeat somewhere on this side of the big river? Have a good show.

10-Sep-2017, 10:00
Here's a report -- second-hand. I told my nephew, who lives in Louisville, about it. He is an attorney, not a photographer. I don't even know if he know what LF is. He said it was incredible!!!

P.S. OK, some lawyers are photographers, too -- but not my nephew.

Jan Pietrzak
10-Sep-2017, 14:28

.....yes.....to answer you question.....Kirk, Philip and I are working on a second venue.....this side of the Old Mississippi.....more details to come.....I hope you are fine.....jan

Jan Pietrzak
10-Sep-2017, 14:54

......thank you for the show review.....all be it by way of your nephew.....Kirk and I will be in Louisville for the opening and talk.....Philip will join us by skype, if we can get it to work.....if he (your nephew) wants to join us on Thursday we would love talk with him.....again thank you.....jan

Jan Pietrzak
12-Sep-2017, 09:34
.....if you can't join us, you can hear us talk on LVA's Artebella.....(Paul, Kirk and Jan) will be on 97.1 WXOX-FM/Artx FM or a live stream at www.artxfm.com, Thursday the 14th from 10 to 11:00a.....Louisville KY time.....jan