View Full Version : Ansco 8x10 restomod

5-Sep-2017, 12:01
I just finished a complete restoration.modification on an Ansco 8x10. All the wood parts were re-created in black walnut and bubinga. The metal parts were cleaned up and some re-plated with nickel. The knobs were replaced with Stainless Steel.

I think this will be the last rebuild I do. I have a few more candidates on hand, an 8x10 B&J, a couple of 5x7 B&Js and a 4x5 or two plus parts. Send me a PM if you need or want anything.

peter schrager
5-Sep-2017, 13:12
Classy work..

5-Sep-2017, 14:23
Very nice Would love to see the before of this shot. And the before and after of the B&J. I've seen a few of those.

Serge S
5-Sep-2017, 14:30
Nice looking camera. Well Done!

9-Sep-2017, 09:14
Thanks for the compliments!