View Full Version : Anyone interested in sloshers any longer?

30-Aug-2017, 10:20
I am referring to a Plexiglas developing tray insert which was available years ago (not that many...) for developing 4x5 sheet film, primarily for compensating development. Some folks are able to craft their own, but I am not one -- neither tools nor ability to measure and cut accurately (I think it must be genetic or something). Larger units held six sheets in an 11x14 tray; others just four, presumably fitting in an 8x10 tray such as the Richard or Patterson ones.

Not having seen any advertised for sale, I am wondering if there is enough interest here that some enterprising, competent individual would consider filling, say, 10 or so orders together, for a 4-sheet model of tested design (i.e., even development) at an attractive price.

Tim Meisburger
30-Aug-2017, 11:05
Here is one: http://www.summitek.com/cradle.html

30-Aug-2017, 13:45
Hi, Tim. I have seen that a number of times, but it's no longer made. If you go to the Products page, it says Sold out, and has for the past year at least.

Michael Kadillak
30-Aug-2017, 14:19
Emphasis on the term "tested design".

Make it easy on yourself. Invest the money you would put into getting someone to produce this product for you into a infrared monocled and some nitrile gloves and tray develop your sheet film. Folks that say they cannot master the technique should ask theirselves if they could tray develop sheet film in a tray with the lights on. Suffice it to say the naysayers given this condition would be zero when you can in fact SEE what you are doing and take your time. This is the case when you employ a infrared monocle. Plus it makes it easy to load holders. It is all about results. How we get there is relatively inconsequential.