View Full Version : Sanuders LPL Masking Attachment Part Number 240-500

Inayat Noor
29-Aug-2017, 06:17
I have the LPL Masking Attachment for my Saunders LPL 4500 enlarger. I don't have the manual or any instructions with it.

I picked it up to enlarge 6 X 9 and 6 X 12 negatives.

I have the LPL 4X5 negative carrier with anti-newton glass. Does this masking device fit within the 4X5 negative carrier?
Or does it work as a stand alone and I need to purchase anti-newton glass to lay underneath it? Or does anyone have a manual
they can send to me?

All advice is appreciated.

Jon Shiu
29-Aug-2017, 07:07
The masking attachment replaces the stage that the negative carrier rests on top of.

Inayat Noor
29-Aug-2017, 07:13
Thank Jon,

Is the stage part of the enlarger? Sorry, my enlarger is at another location so I will look into this during the weekend.

Jon Shiu
29-Aug-2017, 07:36
It is the piece on the enlarger that the negative carrier is placed on top of.

Inayat Noor
29-Aug-2017, 08:03
Thanks Jon,

Now that makes sense. I insert the 6 X 12 negative into the 4X5 glass negative carriers. Then that sits on top of the mask accessory. The (mask slides) will then control the light spills.

29-Aug-2017, 11:37
You could just cut out a piece of cardboard for your negative size and sit the carrier on top of that!

Ted R
29-Aug-2017, 15:41
There is a loose piece that supports the negative carrier, it lifts and slides out, the mask replaces it.

29-Aug-2017, 16:07
Like others have said it's a simple thing to lift out the original negative stage and replace it with the masking one. If, for some reason, you have any problems let us know and I can post pics of mine.