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27-Aug-2017, 15:25

I'm an avid antique hunter, and found this prize from the Montclair, NJ Camera Club for 1907, 08, and 09. They were founded in 1898, during the boom in amateur photography. They seemed to have been quite active, with their exhibitions being attended by photographers from NYC and around New England. Turn of the century Montclair seems to have been very affluent, with horse clubs, swimming clubs, and fine homes. There was a Montclair Art Colony, that sounds like the Arts & Crafts movement to me. 100 years ago, we were developing a middle class that could entertain exotic hobbies. I wonder what the town is like today?


This discusses the award, the actual trophy above. All three awardees can be found online, the woman ended up in Berlin in 1914, and had to ask for an emergency visa to return to the USA:


27-Aug-2017, 15:26
Here is a photo by Fleming, one of the awardees.


And a description of the club:


Mark Sawyer
27-Aug-2017, 16:23
I'm an avid antique hunter...

I'd say you're now an avid trophy hunter! :rolleyes: A very cool find from the golden age of camera clubs!

27-Aug-2017, 16:53
Ha! Good one, trophy hunter....