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27-Aug-2017, 05:20
My LF journey begins. About two years ago I began my return to film. I clearly remember how happy I was with the advent of digital photography: finally, no more waiting for film processing. But in those days I had never considered processing my own film. This time I took the dive, spent my $75.00 to buy Paterson tank, dark bag, and chemicals, and discovered a new joy in film. Much of that joy has been rooted in overcoming the frustrations that I imagine all film photographers go through as they begin the film processing journey. As I considered LF, I could not help but think it presents a whole new universe of possible mistakes, frustrations, and feelings of accomplishment.....I'm in. Rather than take my usual route of trying to find a bargain, i.e buy something on the cheap and wind up, through repair costs, paying what I should have in the first place, I decided to forgo that frustration and traded a highly regarded digital camera for a very nice Linhof Master Technica and 120mm Rodenstock lens.

I picked the camera up on my way to Illinois. The below is the best of six frames I shot during the trip. Film is HP5. I think I am going to enjoy this.


27-Aug-2017, 06:34
Welcome, post often.

27-Aug-2017, 07:04
Welcome, and you may be interested in becoming a member of the Midwest LF Asylum which has outings in the upper Midwest (often nearby to Chicago or within say 100 miles) and an annual print review in January at Chesterton IN. You can Google it ...

27-Aug-2017, 16:32
Thanks for the welcome and for the information on the LF Asylum.

John Kasaian
29-Aug-2017, 17:40
Welcome aboard!

Peter Collins
29-Aug-2017, 18:30
Where in IN? Far from CHI or L. Mich??

30-Aug-2017, 09:27
Near Cincinnati.

Peter Collins
30-Aug-2017, 13:44
Well the Asylum is far away. People not using LF in the Midwest might think that this is good. :-)

30-Aug-2017, 17:44
Near Cincinnati.

I agree with Peter that there are not many (any?) MWLF Asylum members from your part of Ohio. There have been some active ones from Cleveland area in the past (e.g., John Powers), but I don't recall any attending the last 2-3 annual Print Reviews in January. Maybe you can find some LF users in your area, and then decide to participate in some of the Print Reviews in Chesterton IN to show images and share LF 'inspiration.'

30-Aug-2017, 17:57
My job takes me, frequently to Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, and north of Ann Arbor. What sort of asylum is populated by people for whom geography is ever a consideration? :)



30-Aug-2017, 17:58
The photo I posted in my introduction came from near Peru, Illinois.