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26-Aug-2017, 19:23
Coming soon:


A 408 page book and traveling exhibit. Can't wait for it to come to Maine next year.

If you don't know of Clarence, you may know of some of his students and collaborators... A who's who of photography a hundred years ago. I love his style, story, and subjects. I do wonder if such a big exhibit and book will bring him out of near obscurity.

Jim Noel
27-Aug-2017, 13:37
He is a favorite of mine - a photographer who really knew how to teach. I can hardly wait for the book.

Jim Fitzgerald
27-Aug-2017, 15:38
Me too!

27-Aug-2017, 16:40
I have always felt that White never got his due in the timeline of photography. I feel he is as important and likely more important the Stieglitz in the development of American photography. The Ford foundation monograph, The New Vision: Photography Between the World Wars : Ford Motor Company Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the text Pictorialism into Modernism: The Clarence H. White School of Photography both wet the appetite for this position and here is an interesting paper on the subject
Looking forward to a new assessment in the issues.

Will Whitaker
28-Aug-2017, 08:26
Thanks Jason for this heads-up! Looks like I'm up for a Maine vacation nex' summah! 'Bout time to head back to Gilbert's, anyway...

David Schaller
29-Aug-2017, 06:41
Thanks for the heads up JP. This looks great.