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22-Aug-2017, 00:37
If there is already a thread for this, please delete this one. There is an ULF forum but image posts are not allowed.

I'll start with a couple of 14"x17" studio portraits. I would love to see what other ULFers are actually shooting and what their process looks like.

These were shot in the studio with a Rodenstock 480mm f8.4 Apo-Symmar attached to a 14x17" Ritter with a bellows extension of 960mm (2 stops) at f32. I used a beauty dish on an 800w head for the main and a 400w head for the fill. They were shot on Blue sensitive xray film and processed by inspection in Ilfotec HC diluted 1:50 for about 6 minutes.



22-Aug-2017, 07:08
There's a great thread on here, started by Steve Sherman, for 7x17 images. A search should reveal it.

Tim Meisburger
22-Aug-2017, 12:22
These are great Basil. Amazing the tone you are able to pull from x-ray film. Is the film single or double-sided?

Carl J
22-Aug-2017, 22:29
+1 Esp. like the first image but both are nice! Can imagine some of us have been thinking about going down the ULF portrait w/studio lighting path and inspiring to see your work. Yes, which film and what did you rate it at?

22-Aug-2017, 23:29
very nice!

23-Aug-2017, 04:30
Yes. I was happy with the results for my first go. I used double sided film and rated it at ISO 200. It is Carestream X-ray full speed blue - CSB. At $1.08 per sheet, it is so much fun to use. I will try making some contact reversal positive prints and backlight them to see what they look like.

The most for he compliments.

Scanned and printed at 8x enlargement, like an 8x10 print from 35mm film, this would make a print around 12ftx8ft that one could stand right up to. I just have to do it!

23-Aug-2017, 04:37
I have been following that 7x17 one. Thank you.

23-Aug-2017, 14:13
That top portrait is a knockout