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18-Aug-2017, 19:47
In early October, my wife and I will be in the Netherlands for a month. We'll do some research before we go but I was wondering if anyone had any photography related suggestions for us (museums, workshops (alternate processes), exhibits/galleries etc).

I'm also hoping to find a camera shop with some vintage cameras and lenses so if you know of one, I'd appreciate if you could let me know.

Thanks for any help you can give

18-Aug-2017, 22:36
Hi Dave,

You may want to check out 'fotohandel delfshaven' http://www.mkoptics.net.

Rotterdam has a nice photography museum https://www.nederlandsfotomuseum.nl If you're willing to travel a bit, I can recommend FoMu, photography museum in Antwerp. https://www.fotomuseum.be

Enjoy your time in the Netherlands. ;-)

- Roy

19-Aug-2017, 01:52
Thing to keep in min is that the Netherlands is absolutely tiny, has a great train network and going from Den Haag to any of the other cities in the randstad-area is less then an hours travel.

MKoptics is a nice store, i bought some items from them before but it's recommended to make a phone call for a visit appointment before hand. Don't expect much LF equipment in NL its quite rare over there and if you find anything its just Sinar or Cambo studio equipment.

Otherwise i would check local museum programmes for photography exhibits, there usually are some ongoing.

19-Aug-2017, 16:56
In The Hague, the Gemeentemuseum / Fotomuseum is a must. As Roy mentioned, the museum in Rotterdam (20 minutes by train from The Hague) is also really worthwhile. Amsterdam (some 40 minutes by train from The Hague) has the most places to visit: the "FOAM" and the "Huis Marseille" are both fully dedicated to photography. The "Rijksmuseum" and the "Stedelijk Museum" frequently have photo exhibitions. The "Eye" is actually a film museum but still very interesting for a photographer. And there are many galleries in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam that are worthwhile.
Probably the best shop for analog photography is Foto Den Boer in Amsterdam. They always have a large stock of analog equipment, 35mm, medium and (some) large format.The shop is small and cosy and the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.
Enjoy your time in The Netherlands!

19-Aug-2017, 18:59
Thanks for all your help. Being from Fort McMurray, two hours of fast driving will maybe get me to the next gas station (another two hours gets me to Edmonton ---- without a lot in between) so I'm looking forward to a bit of travelling in Europe . I'll definitely check out Foto Den Boer Ron.