View Full Version : Help / need recommendation for cable release with long plunger for commercial ektar

Serge S
17-Aug-2017, 08:54
My old cable release needs to be replaced none of my other cable releases work with my Commercial Ektar Lens.
I know it needs an extra long throw...can any one suggest what to replace my old one with?

Will this one work: Gepe PVC Pro Threaded Cable Release with Disc Lock?



17-Aug-2017, 09:53
i'd suggest you get a degroff, they have a long plunger and work great !
i've never used the one you are mentioning ..

Jim Noel
17-Aug-2017, 10:06
if you have a camera store nearby, go there and ask to rummage through their old cable releases. Most stores just throw these in a box and they are all mixed up.find some with long throws and good return springs. Pick up several. The best are from Germany.

David Lobato
17-Aug-2017, 10:15
I bought a couple of them in this forum's Classified section for my Kodak Commercial Ektar lenses.

17-Aug-2017, 11:55
gepe's work, nikon ar-3 works as well...

17-Aug-2017, 18:08
I may be fussy, but the best cable releases I've ever used were made by Ebony (so I presume made in Japan). You can still get them in 20 or 10 inch lengths from Badger Graphics, and unless you lose one/them (I have four, in two LF kits) they'll be the last cable releases you'll ever use.

John Kasaian
13-Sep-2017, 18:41
The Gepe Pro with the Zeiss disc lock will fire an Ilex Universal, if that is the shutter your Commercial Ektar is wearing.

Alan Gales
16-Sep-2017, 18:38
I own a 14" Commercial Ektar. Gepe's are long throw and work with the Ilex shutter. Prontors are even longer throw and work also. You will have to find Prontors on the used market though.

Jim Andrada
17-Sep-2017, 12:10
Plus 1 for the Prontors. Thet're long enough to fire most anything even my Luc shutter. You want the ones with two "wings" where your 1st and 2nd fingers hold the cable while your thumb does the work.