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16-Aug-2017, 11:52
Hello. Steve here, and brand new here on this forum. I was wondering if anyone here has replaced the hdd on a canon ifp machine themselves. I can't afford the Canon service ($1000)...And the part is about $150. Seems they reeeeally don't want anyone other than certified Canon techs going in there, because I can't find a shred of documentation that explains how to do it - Other than the service manual, and that is pretty useless.
Any guidance would be great!
Thank you.[emoji137]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170816/da2190f41dfe66d04b084907ea32d976.jpg

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16-Aug-2017, 12:16
Even a detailed schematic would be greatly appreciated.

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17-Aug-2017, 07:02

first I'd try to locate the disk (and get the type, capacity, form factor, ...)

Next I'd locate the cable, try to dis- and reconnect it. Does it work again? Sometime there are loose connections from movements.

If it didn't work try to get get disk out and PREPARE to replace tit with the new one.

Out of the box I think the new disk will not work, most makers keep the devices firmware or OS on the hd.

Not to destroy something (to keep the original disk unchanged) I would do a BIT-WISE copy of the old one to the new one and try to use it with the printer.

If "only" the on-disk-controller failed it could work, even if you'd have bad sectors in an empty or unimportant area on the old disks.

Sorry, I don't have any experiences with HDs in printers, I am only an Linux system engineer who saves sometimes dead or dying disks of servers.

BIT-WISE: You'd get an exact copy of your old disk. With Linux I'd do it e.g. with "dd if=/dev/sdd of=/dev/sde bs=1M". With Windoze or Mac I don't know, sorry.

perhaps you are lucky the the cable



25-Aug-2017, 00:02
Got lucky, and found someone that shared a technicians service manual.
I took it apart yesterday, and replaced the 80g hard drive with a 250 laptop drive that was on a shelf collecting dust. Fired it up, didn't work, I figured it maybe I should reformat the disk with fat32...Did that, slapped it back in - Bingo! The machine then reformatted the drive itself, like it's supposed to when it encounters errors. Works perfectly now. Maybe even a little faster.[emoji469] [emoji4][emoji119][emoji126][emoji109][emoji108]