View Full Version : LPL Saunders 4500 ii timer

15-Aug-2017, 06:36

I recently picked up a used LPL Saunders 4500 ii which did not come with a timer. I am new to darkroom equipment and was wondering if all timers will work with this model and which ones would be recommended.

Thank you

Michael Graves
15-Aug-2017, 06:46
I'm using a Gra-Lab 655 with my 4550 variable contrast and have no issues.

15-Aug-2017, 07:03
All (most) timers will work. LPL made digital timers; ET-400 & ET-500 (what I use). BTW, Great enlarger!

Oren Grad
15-Aug-2017, 08:23
From time to time over the years I've heard chatter that some electronic timers might have compatibility issues with the LPL power supply. At any rate, I use a GraLab 900 with my mid-'90s vintage 4500 II with color head and original US-market power supply so can confirm that that combination is fine.

Jon Shiu
15-Aug-2017, 10:06
I recommend LPL ET500 timer with foot switch accessory.

15-Aug-2017, 11:17
Thank you for the responses.

23-Aug-2017, 08:28
I recommend LPL ET500 timer with foot switch accessory.

+1. Has worked flawlessly in my darkroom for many years.