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kurt sesselle
15-Aug-2017, 03:01
Hey all,

Found a second hand Omega 2 enlarger.
Now I got this problem.
the condenser and the plate holder ( and lens are not aligned)
I cannot find a manner to change this set up.
It was delivered like this and so want to use this fellow.
See pictures what the problem is.
If someone has the same enlarger maby a side view can help me???
Thanks a lot!!!
Kurt Sesselle From Belgium.

AJ Edmondson
15-Aug-2017, 05:47
Go to KHB Photographic Web Site and check the section on selecting the right lifting lever (3 or 4.5"). It is hard for me to judge from the photo but it looks as though you may have a 4.5" offset and actually need a 3". Something about the condenser doesn't look right.

15-Aug-2017, 10:53
The longer lifting arms will make it worse. Looks like you have attached the more rare D-6 or Pro Lab condenser head. Any of the more common D Variable condenser heads should fit.
Some of the Pro Lab heads had two mounting points for the lever assembly so it would fit you chassis (see picture). But yours does not have that feature and therefore won't fit that chassis without drilling and taping new holes.

15-Aug-2017, 11:08
What ic-racer said. To see how it should fit, remove the two braces on the head and place it over the negative carrier. You might get away with just drilling and tapping two holes - one from the top might fit in the distal top hole.

kurt sesselle
16-Aug-2017, 11:29
Thanks for all the imput.
Indeed i think it is the wronge head.
Stil i think I will be able to drill some new holes to make te condensor fit.
It maybe wil not move perfect but hey, who cares.

As lange as i can work with my 4x5 negatives i am happy.
Thank you all ones more!

kurt sesselle
16-Aug-2017, 11:34
Ic racer.
Wonderful idea
This wil work!

16-Aug-2017, 16:40
Ic racer.
Wonderful idea
This wil work!

If you want to use the same original Omega hardware, it is all SAE thread.