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10-Aug-2017, 20:57
I couldn't find the exact answer to my question from searching the forums.... I recently acquired a Speed Graphics 4x5 with the intent to use barrel lenses and other large lenses.
However I over looked the fact about lens boards. I know it's possible to use Aero Ektars, large petzvals, or any other large lens on the speed graphic. I've seen the JoLo stuff (plus he doesn't sell JoLo44 anymore) , but I know people for decades didn't use his equipment.

Any links to step by step instructions (with images)?
Or does anyone 3D print them?
Or selling a JoLo44 plate?

Again, I have a Speed Graphic, not a Pacemaker.
I'd like to use an Ektar or 8" Pentac soon.


10-Aug-2017, 21:14
I 3D printed a lens board for my Deardorff for my Schneider Symmar-S 240. I just designed something from scratch, based on my other lens board.

10-Aug-2017, 21:40
There are several eBay sellers who custom make lens boards. One makes his out of alternating layers of strong plywood for several models of Graphic cameras including your Speed Graphic. Another is 3D printing boards.

Try clicking this search result:

10-Aug-2017, 22:58
I have a couple of Speed Graphic boards with 63 and 65mm openings. I don't know the exact opening size you need, but it should not be difficult to enlarge them. Send me a message if you'd like to buy.


12-Aug-2017, 11:06
I ran across this... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1569931 The back side looks odd to me. I thought the Ektar stuck out a bunch?? What am I looking at?

I have no experience with 3D printing or the Aero Ektar, but I've heard people saying the Speed Graphic (non pacemaker) has to have its front standard modified. Anyway to avoid changing the front standard? I'd rather just have a custom lens board.