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8-Aug-2017, 16:37
I am hoping that someone in our group might help with finding the tiny double bubble levels for their cameras such as the SC series or SCX. I have emailed calumet in the U.K., but response yet. Do any of you have a trashed Cambo with still good levels, or know of a view camera repair service who may have parts? Thanks in advance for the help!

8-Aug-2017, 16:49
Good luck on your search, but be aware that even very fine camera levels often barely pass the snuff, so don't go nutz trying to make it original, but rather just use a inexpensive external level (that is usually much better than the built-in ones)...

Sometimes you can remove the vials from torpedo levels and replace them in your camera...

Steve K

Dan Fromm
8-Aug-2017, 17:23
B&H should have them. I bought one from them fairly recently.

FWIW, Cambo have been very responsive to questions about where to buy parts. When in doubt, ask them for help.

8-Aug-2017, 17:26
I have a Craftsman electronic level with digital read-out and analog bubble levels which is just perfect.

Jim Noel
8-Aug-2017, 17:29
Leveling is the only thing I do with my iPhone other than make calls.There are several very good free apps.