View Full Version : Compur Electronic 1 Battery holder

8-Aug-2017, 02:54

I have a couple of compur electronic 1 shutters without battery holders.
I thought about two options:

1.- Built my own - For this I need to know the polarity. I read that the positive is the top one, but I do not know where is the "top".
2.- Buy a battery holder - I do not know where to find it. I have searched the web, but my only option is to buy a full shutter which is about 200 euros !

Could anyone help with the above ?
Any other idea ?

Many thanks in adance



Gary Beasley
8-Aug-2017, 18:30
I had a Compur at one time, got tired of buying expensive batteries for it so I got a AAA battery holder (single cell) and mounted it on back of the lens board and wired it in. Worked great with the single battery, not sure if it needed more.

Keith Pitman
8-Aug-2017, 18:42
You can buy battery holders and wire them to the shutter contacts pretty easily. Just match the voltage. I would velchro them to the front of the lensboard.

8-Aug-2017, 22:10
Thanks a lot Gary.
Thanks a lot Keith.

What you propose is my option 1.It should not be difficult to put together.
The PX-21 is a 4,5V that I can easily match.

My real problem is that I am not 100% sure of the polarity.
I have found a picture in ebay of a similar compur with the original battery holder attached. Using it I came to this conclusion.

It would be nice if someone could check if I am correct.