View Full Version : JOBO For 4x10 (8x10) C-41?

Richard Wasserman
6-Aug-2017, 08:43
I am thinking about getting a JOBO for processing 4x10 C-41 film in a 3005 Expert drum. It was suggested to me by someone who has some experience, although it was with film developed by others, that there can be problems with evenness of development. His theory is that possibly the times are too short for C-41 as opposed to doing B&W which has no such issues. Before I invest in this system I would like to be reassured that it will work OK. Does anyone have experience with, I suppose 8x10 color film in an Expert Drum? Does it work well, and is there anything special I should look out for?

Thanks much!

Jim Noel
6-Aug-2017, 09:39
I found it to be the simplest method for even development.

Richard Wasserman
6-Aug-2017, 11:19
Thanks Jim, that's what I was hoping to hear.

Greg Davis
6-Aug-2017, 14:05
I also use one for C41 with a 3005 drum. Most consistent and even method I have used.

Richard Wasserman
6-Aug-2017, 15:16
Curious what C-41 chemistry you guys are using?

6-Aug-2017, 21:52
I havenít developed C41 8x10 with my Jobo yet (should happen by year end). But I am a regular 4x5 C41 user and develop 10 negs in a 3010 drum with 500ml of chemistry at 3:15m. Works beautifully. For 8x10 I would suggest starting with 1lt of chemistry if you are developing 5 8x10 sheets in the 3005. If you havenít yet purchased your Jobo, find a model with the strongest motor possible. See Catlabs site for serial number recommendations. The 3005 drum + 1lt of chemistry is heavy and needs a solid motor to drive the drum. Weaker motors will burn out.

In terms of chemistry, I use Rollei C41 which is rumored to be Fuji. Though I see there now is an official Fuji C41 kit on Freestyle. Only difference is likely separate bleach and fix chemistry versus blix with the Rollei kit. Some believe separate bleach and fix steps produce better quality negs over using blix. I have no experience with both to suggest one over the other. The Rollei is quite a bit cheaper.

Good luck.

Tom Kershaw
7-Aug-2017, 10:26
I've processed 5"x4" C-41 film without a problem in Jobo drums, although not 10"x8"; using the Fuji Xpress kit and the Kodak individual products.