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6-Aug-2017, 00:24
Hey gang, Have been reading around some on the web and was curious if anyone had any experience with building their own large format camera. Just looking to make something fairly simple and portable. Would like something I could take out in the field if I wanted to. Don't necessarily need lens movement. any help or pointing in right direction of resources would be extremely appreciated!

Jim Fitzgerald
6-Aug-2017, 02:09
Hi and welcome. I've built my own cameras. There is a thread somewhere on this site with info. Just look me up. Vinny Walsh also built an 8x10 so look him up as well. I know he has the build photos on his website. I'll be listing in the for sale section an almost complete set of hardware from a Kodak 2-D in a couple of days. Keep and eye out for it. There is a lot of info out there and good luck. Me, I look at a picture of a camera and go from there. Always start with a film holder and build the back first and then go from there. It is not that hard depending on your skill level, tools that you have and understanding of the design you wish to use. Personally I like the Chamonix design for the 8x10 I built. Take your time. My first camera, my 8x20, I built using only a dovetail saw, drill, dremel and some other hand tools. It took me 18 months because I worked on it when I was inspired. Someone said I could not build a camera without a full shop of tools. Bull!!! It is nice to have a great shop like I have now. Have fun.

6-Aug-2017, 05:20
Alan Greene's book "Primitive Photography" has instructions on making a simple large format camera, and more.