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5-Aug-2017, 14:36
I just got a new Canham 8x10. I have a Ries wooden tripod but I don't keep it locally (long story). So, I need another tripod. I could get another Ries, bit the newer carbon fiber tripods are a lot smaller.

Any recommendations on a tripod and head fore this camera?

Thank you

5-Aug-2017, 18:03
They aren't cheap, but I have really liked my Really Right Stuff tripod (I also have a Ries that I love) and head and would buy it again without a second thought. . I have the 40 and 55 heads and they are both really good. The tripod is light and really sturdy. Like I said you will spend a few dollars, but it is worth it. They have great customer service if you run into any issues.

5-Aug-2017, 18:56
Thank you. I like the tripod - question about the 55 head: is it easy to access the knobs with a big 8x10 camera mounted? The manfrotto with levers seemed like it would be easier?

5-Aug-2017, 21:19
Personally, I tried the BH-55 head with my 8x10 Deardorff and didn't like it at all for that camera; absolutely love it for my MF cameras. I have used a Gitzo G1570M for years on top of a carbon fiber tripod. This head holds the camera rock solid at any angle and the whole setup is fairly light; vs my Ries A100 with the usual heavy head one normally buys for those legs. For me, I like the separate controls of the Gitzo head.

mathieu Bauwens
5-Aug-2017, 22:42
FLM CP-30 with the 48 FTR ballhead is a must have; You can contact Ari on the forum to discuss on that.

Philippe Grunchec
6-Aug-2017, 04:06
I love my Berlebach...

7-Aug-2017, 15:59
Here are some shots of the clearance with my Deardorff on the 55 head. 167988167989

The biggest issue with the head for me is the ballhead. It makes one directional changes tough, but once it is locked it is a rock. the drag on the head works well too.

7-Aug-2017, 16:08
The best head I have for heavy cameras: http://www.riestripod.com/product/the-a250-head/

7-Aug-2017, 17:50
Easy, get the Ries J100-2 with one of their heads!

15-Aug-2017, 03:19
I have a some old miller sticks mounted with a gitzo G1570M head that is great for my Kodak 2D. If I were ever in a pinch...i can also mount the camera on my gitzo series three carbon fiber with my G1576 head and it is solid and lighter to carry. But I usually use this setup for my 4x5 Ebony.