View Full Version : (another) rocker does photography

3-Aug-2017, 10:02
I just discovered that Pat Sansone of one of my favorite bands, Wilco, is a photographer. He has a book "100 Polaroids," some of the images from which can be found at his Flickr page:


Peter Collins
3-Aug-2017, 10:19
Sorry, I won't see because I won't "sign up." I am already too exposed on the net. Somebody will want to "monetize my info.

4-Aug-2017, 09:15
you don't need to sign up to see 'em.. just click out of that pop up

Mark Sampson
4-Aug-2017, 10:28
very, very 1980s style snaps there.

Lachlan 717
4-Aug-2017, 15:02
Ken Rockwell with the saturation slider set to -50, rather than +100...