View Full Version : CARL ZEISS JENA Tessar 30cm/300mm f/3.5

Joseph Kayne
3-Aug-2017, 09:42
Does anyone know anything about this lens? Thanks. Joe.

Armin Seeholzer
3-Aug-2017, 14:40
Not really I only have the f 3,5 250mm Zeiss Jena Tessar!

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
3-Aug-2017, 16:15
What about it? I have have had a 30cm in the past, so my sample is limited, but like Armin I currently have a 25cm f3.5 Tessar. Generally the f3.5 Tessars are like the f4.5 Tessars, but softer, more flare, and less coverage. Open wide (which is, I presume why you are interested in it) the 30cm f3.5 would be good for 5x7, but 8x10 would be a stretch, with soft and slightly dark corners. By f11 they are quite decent and should cover 8x10. Coating is important for the f3.5 Tessars; lots of glass leads to lots of flare.

Ken Lee
3-Aug-2017, 16:59
White Rose
Sinar P, 135mm Tessar at f/8
4x5 TMY, D-23

I agree with what others have stated. My 135mm f/3.5 Tessar is quite sharp but not coated.

With its many-bladed aperture, blurry points are round at all apertures.

If we chose our subjects wisely and avoid flare with adequate lens shading, a 300mm Tessar can produce lovely images.

Joseph Kayne
4-Aug-2017, 09:33
Not really I only have the f 3,5 250mm Zeiss Jena Tessar!

Well, what are your thoughts on that lens??? Thanks.