View Full Version : Looking for wide(ish) 8x10 lens....advice?

charlie jay
3-Aug-2017, 05:20
Hello everyone!

Been a good few years since I have shot 8x10 but getting back into the game and looking for a wide ish lens with a bit of movement, don't need a huge amount just enough for a bit of rise and tilt.

I use 135mm on 4x5 so would like something about that or a bit wider?

Open to recommendations but feel tempted to get a Schneider 240mm 5.6 as they seem readily available and not v expensive.

Any help greatly appreciated....UK based if anyone has one also!


3-Aug-2017, 05:51
250mm Fujinon-W f/6.7 with lettering on the front of the lens. I've had and used several lenses around this focal length over the years and the Fuji was my ultimate "keeper". Best thing is that can be had for a reasonable amount of money. Actually prefer it to a 240mm Gold Dot Dagor which I once bought for three times of what I paid for the Fuji.

charlie jay
3-Aug-2017, 05:54
Thanks Greg. I will keep my eyes peeled for one of them :)

Peter De Smidt
3-Aug-2017, 06:24
210 or 240mm G-Claron is also a good choice.

Mark Sampson
3-Aug-2017, 07:31
Kodak 10"/6.3 Wide Field Ektar is a classic choice. My own favorite, FWIW.

Sal Santamaura
3-Aug-2017, 08:18
If you "see" with a 135mm on 4x5, your best bet might be a 270mm G-Claron. Some years back I bought the last new one Schneider USA had in stock. I also own a pristine 250mm f/6.7 Fujinon W. Stopped down to f/45, the 270mm G-Claron has just as much coverage and is slightly sharper, even for subjects at infinity.

There's currently an apparently pretty clean 270mm G-Claron on eBay (not connected to me in any way). I suggest you check it out.

3-Aug-2017, 09:03
I have both the Fujinon A 240/9 and the Fujinon W 250/6.7 (inside lettering) and they're both great lenses! I tend to use the 250mm more because it throws a larger image circle than the 240mm. You couldn't go wrong with either of these or the others suggested.

3-Aug-2017, 09:09
My main lens (and only lens for a long time) is a Fuji W 300/5.6. I have added two more Fuji Ws; a 360mm and a 250/6.7.

The 300 is a 'wide' normal and I enjoy using it. The 250mm sees a lot of use -- especially with 4x10. If you plan on getting a 'normal' lens down the road, the 300mm is a nice focal length -- and thus a 250mm (or 240mm) rather than a 270mm might be a better first lens for you -- in that there is a big enough jump between 250 and 300 to be worthwhile carrying both lenses.

3-Aug-2017, 14:58
The 8x10 diagonal is 325mmm, so I consider that the absolute minimum usable image circle.

The shortest FL lens in my database is the Rodenstock APO-Sironar W 5.6/210mm with a 352mm IC.
It's an excellent lens that I also use as a long lens on my 4x5.

- Leigh

3-Aug-2017, 15:06
Does it have to be a good lens? Would a cheap, muchy Wolly wide do? :)

charlie jay
3-Aug-2017, 19:34
Thanks everyone.

Can anyone confirm 100% that the 250mm Fujinon 6.7 is Single Coated?

I am going to get both the Fujinon and a Rodenstock Sironar N 240mm and see which I like best :)

Thanks again :)

David Karp
3-Aug-2017, 22:28
I have not seen anything anywhere that says a 250mm f/6.7 Fujinon W is multicoated. Everything I have seen says it is single coated. Mine is single coated. The 240mm Sironar-N will be very nice. I have the 210mm Caltar II-N version with the same optical design. The 250mm Fujinon is very nice too. I have no problem with it being single coated. I use it as my normal-ish lens for the Whole Plate format. I would rather have that Fujinon in a Copal No. 1 than the Sironar-N in a Copal No. 3 any day. But I carry my Whole Plate camera in a backpack and the extra weight might not matter to you as much as it does to me.

Sal Santamaura
4-Aug-2017, 09:13
...Can anyone confirm 100% that the 250mm Fujinon 6.7 is Single Coated?...Yes. An EBC multicoated version of that lens was never sold.

...I am going to get both the Fujinon and a Rodenstock Sironar N 240mm and see which I like best...I own both. If you like movements, you'll like the 48mm larger image circle of the Fujinon best. If you like to carry them any distance, you'll like the eight ounce lighter weight and 10mm smaller filter of the Fujinon best. If, on the other hand, like Oren, you are concerned with bokeh, you'll probably ignore those first two factors and like the Rodenstock best. :)