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1-Aug-2017, 09:41
Someone just offered me their loaded Durst 138 5x7 enlarger; I'm unsure of the exact model but I have to go and see it this week. I do know he has all the condensers, a separate color head + controller, at least 1 working bulb, all the carriers, etc. Does this have any value still? I personally do not intend to use it, I've given up enlarging in favor of scanning, and anyway I shoot mostly 8x10 these days. What's the best way to recoup a small investment, part it out if I can't find a buyer within a couple of weeks?

I have to take the enlarger if only to get a chance to buy the stuff I actually want, his lenses. I have purchased from him before, everything was clean and well maintained and I got a couple of deals.

John Layton
1-Aug-2017, 10:36
When I came into the market looking for a 5x7 enlarger a few years back...a Durst 138 was my first choice - but, as it seemed that all available units were far from "complete," the prospect of searching and vetting out all of the necessary components seemed too daunting. (I then "settled" for a Zone 6 type II...and must say that I'm now very happy I made that choice!).

My suggestion would be to acquire a list of exactly what is being offered, assess completeness and condition (lots of Durst enlargers were really beat up by professional/industrial use during their lifetimes), and if you decide to move forward with this...keep everything together for a bit longer than the couple of weeks that you've mentioned...to give someone a chance to acquire something truly complete, and to make your position as a seller a bit stronger. Good luck!

1-Aug-2017, 10:37
The value is only if you intend to use it, otherwise, they often go to landfills or scrap or you can try to part it out at auction. Ask Ginette in your neck of the woods.

1-Aug-2017, 11:13
This is a fine enlarger but in a small market like Montreal, value is about 300$ for a working enlarger with 5 condensers and basic carrier. This is the price I sold 2 of mine 2-3 years ago to LFPF members not from Quebec but from Ontario who came home to pickup.
Unfortunately, enlarger have a better value in parts, especially if the carrier is a Grane Grahal or a Nega (second generation). Carriers in very good condition with original Durst AN glass can be sold easily on eBay. Same for original Durst lamp. If the condensers are coated (with letter T on it ex. 240T), you will sell easily too but keep in mind that all heavy items shipping is not very attractive for USA buyers.
Color head, it depends about what it is, old Lavako, CLS 201 or CLS 301.
But if the enlarger body is in very good shape and mechanically working good, it should not be dumped for the parts.
I don't know any taker actually for Montreal area but you should list it with pictures in the For sale section, you never know.

1-Aug-2017, 13:01
I found the pics from when he offered it to me last year, unfortunately he was asking a high price then and wouldn't budge. He has signalled that he will take the offer I made last year.


Mark Sampson
1-Aug-2017, 13:27
If you have room to use it or store it, get it. An extremely capable machine, and they're not making anything like this new.

1-Aug-2017, 14:00
Wow... congrats!!

1-Aug-2017, 14:29
Looks like one of the newer L-138S with the removable turret and all the other bells and whistles. This is a great enlarger for someone looking for a professional 5x7 or 4x5 enlarger. Even if they still made them new, you could not afford it. Like Mark said, store it and hold on to it, I've got my SM-183 stored.