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31-Jul-2017, 21:36
BY MURRAY CAMPBELL The Globe and Mail First Joe Ng obtained his confidence back afterward his own hair returned. The 24-year-old Toronto-born table-tennis participant has battled for almost two years to return from a battle with cancer. Chemotherapy treatments robbed him of his thick, dark hair and 20 prized pounds off his ordinary 136-pound playing with weight and sapped the power required to keep his ascent to the top ranks of their sport and ping pong paddles reviews (http://bestpingpongpaddles.com/).

Doctors inform him that he's conquered the disease and it won't ever return. On the eve of the death for Seoul (where ping pong is making its debut as an Olympic sport), Ng is putting to use the lessons that he learned on his sickbed. "When I was ill, my physical capability was not so great, so I needed to use my mind," he explained in a meeting.


" I blend it I have the bodily area and I am believing more during games." Ng, who started playing ping pong at the family basement 16 decades back, said he's much more powerful today than a year ago in the Pam-American Games if he shot two gold awards (like the singles) and 2 bronze. He's been lifting weights and practicing along with his doubles partner, Horatio Pintea. "Once I came out of hospital, I knew I needed to do something when I wanted to become No. 1 (in Canada) again," Ng said. " I set up a program and adhered into it, training more than ever and with more seriousness."

The outcomes have become clear - almost. Ng placed second in the singles event in the national championships last May, an outcome he ascribes virtually entirely to being overconfident. But since then, he's taken on the top players on the planet and triumphed. Ng conquered the present world champion, Jiang Jiliang of both China and former European champion, Ulf Bengstsson, in a World Cup match in China in June.

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A week after, he won the singles event in the U.S. Open in Miami with a convincing win over Sean O'Neill, the sole male U.S. table-tennis participant to qualify for Seoul. Ng credits a lot of his success because of his transformation into the "over-the- table" way of playing he's heard from national trainer Guoxi Su, a former participant of their gold-medal Chinese clubs in the 1961 and 1963 world championships.

It is a design that's considerably more competitive the "away-from-the- table" system which comes naturally to many recreation-room players and that has been dominant one of the European gamers. It is an aggressive fashion which has parallels in serve-and-volley tennis where a participant rushes the internet. The distinction is that a table-tennis dining table is merely a very small portion of a tennis court and also the rate of this game means there's not any room for errors.


"You need to be fast," Ng concedes, "but the fantastic thing is that the competition has no time to respond when you put over the table" Regardless of his current victories, Ng is unwilling to forecast his Olympic opportunities. "If I perform to the best of my skill, I will be satisfied," he explained. "I am playing well today and I will defeat anyone in the world on a particular day, but placing a series collectively, that is the tricky part."

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Ng is really most excited about the possibilities that he and Pintea have from the 32-team doubles event in Seoul. "I really don't wish to place stress on my own," Ng said. "I've got my health today and everything else is secondary."

1-Aug-2017, 00:33
the information are correct as far as i know. i had the same lens a while back.

suter was a swiss manufacturer working around that period and the papid portrait series is a petzval design series. there are no shutters that are really designed for this lenses. your best choice is probably a quite big packard ideal shutter.

Steven Tribe
1-Aug-2017, 02:17
One of these was up for sale here earlier this year. You will able to see the listing when you have been a member here for a month. It says the focal length is 10".


The date is probably correct. These plain barrel Petzvals became popular at the end of the 19th century. Studio cameras were becoming quite sophisticated (in Europe, at least!) with front standard focussing.
There are problems with the site's auto save/restore facility to-day, so I can't add further links without deleting the previously written text!

If you have the Sinar/Copal shutter - then mounting for use is no problem. This only "might" cover 8x10" at portrait distances - For example, the Dallmeyer 3b which is f.3.2 and 11" doesn't!