View Full Version : Film holder repair

24-Jul-2017, 14:42
Getting down to just a few 5X7 & 8X10 film holders! Dry west Texas dust is not helpful!

Repair for about half would consist of replacing the tape that is the hinge on the end flaps.

Duct tape is ugly. Masking tape is a short term repair. How about some kind of black cloth and glue?

Someone out there has had this same problem.

Help me Obi Wan!

karl french
24-Jul-2017, 14:56
Book binders tape works quite well.

24-Jul-2017, 15:11
Book binders tape works quite well.

What Karl wrote! Gaffers tape is too thick. The end flap requires very little bonding. Do that.

Steven Tribe
25-Jul-2017, 03:54
If anyone knows of website for book-binding materials, both USA and EU, it would be helpful?

I did a search sometime ago and found nothing useful. I needed to replace the heavy cloth tape which holds the sectionalised part of the dark slide on mahogany book dark slides together.

25-Jul-2017, 04:07
Amazon list book repair tape from several manufacturers.

Steven Tribe
26-Jul-2017, 01:04
Most of the Amazon tapes are versions of ordinary packing tapes, but there are some cloth based tapes in black.

26-Jul-2017, 02:21

Steven Tribe
26-Jul-2017, 02:39
Appears to have a better range of widths.