View Full Version : Clearance sale - Newspace center for photography closed - Saturday July 22 (2017)

21-Jul-2017, 10:47

Saturday July 22nd 9 AM to 1 PM
Cash & Credit Card Only

Dear Newspace (http://newspacephoto.org/about/contact-us/) Community,
Many of you asked if, and when, we would be able to sell Newspace equipment. Today we were asked to vacate our space sooner than anticipated and notified that we can sell assets to begin paying down debt.

This Saturday morning (July 22), we will be selling Newspace assets. we will be open to the public from 9am-1pm.

If you are interested in purchasing Newspace equipment, please come ready to pay with cash or credit card - NO CHECKS - and be prepared to take what you purchase with you the same day. We cannot store purchased equipment.

We realize this is short notice, but we need to rapidly reduce the amount of stuff at 1632 SE 10th Street and begin repaying our debts as soon as possible.


Please help the photographic equipment at Newspace find a new home!

1632 SE 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

21-Jul-2017, 11:31
I put your address in Google maps and it shows you are in Shell Valley, North Dakota. Are you on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indian Reservation? Have been there but never saw your shop.

21-Jul-2017, 14:05
which address did you put in? that is odd an odd location to pull up.
I updated the post to specify the center's address in Portland, OR


21-Jul-2017, 14:50
Now it makes sense. I think when you do Google maps they start where your IP address is. Somehow I didn't see you in a field of Canola.

neil poulsen
21-Jul-2017, 23:27
I went Friday evening and found what I was looking for . . . a stainless steel 16x20 tray. :)

Also picked up a Volstat variable transformer. Both will be useful in my darkroom. Paid $10 for the two.

There were some very nice Beseler 4x5 enlargers that were sold. Also found a nice Cambo 4x5 camera in a case. Not sure anyone else saw it. Lots of trays, frames, glass, some Jobo stuff. Etc., Etc. When I arrived, I was told of a Jobo processor, but not sure if it's still there. There were some Leitz 35mm enlargers not yet purchased. Many 35mm and medium format developing canisters. Several light stands, a 3051 Manfrotto tripod with a Linhof head, and a couple of vacuum easels (not sure if they had the pumps). Boxes and boxes of stuff.

You probably get the idea. If you have a darkroom, and you're in the area, it's worth checking out.

Sorry to see them close. New Space has made a lasting contribution to the Portland photographic community.

While we're on the topic of Portland, there are excellent shows at the Camera Works Gallery (B&W areal images) and at Blue Sky (later in life photos of famous model Wendy Morgan in her home surroundings taken by her daughter, Sage Sohier). There's also an neat retrospective of news photos at the Hillsboro Library by a local news photographer.