View Full Version : some questions about arca swiss 6x9 to 4x5 and 5x7

21-Jul-2017, 04:35
Hi, I have an Arca-Swiss 6x9 F-line camera and I'd like to step up to larger formats.

I have some questions:

- will a 4x5 rear format frame be enough? will i need new bellows?
- what about 5x7?
- will ochswald-era frames work on my F-line rails
- will other manufacturers work with my arca (toyo?)
- will i need something else



21-Jul-2017, 05:34

- To convert to 4x5 you will need both a new rear format frame and a new bellows
- Same for 5x7
- Not 100% sure about Ochswald-era frames, but I think they are not compatible
- No other manufacturers are compatible
- You may might want a longer rail for the larger formats, depending on the focal lengths of your lenses

Hope this helps


Emmanuel BIGLER
21-Jul-2017, 06:09

For 5x7" if you have a 6x9 F-line you'll need a front 4x5" standard, a rear 5x7" standard and springback, plus a tapered bellows connecting both standards.
As a front standard for use with 4x5", 5x7" or 8x10", you have either older 171 mm standards (now discontinued) or current 141 mm standards.
Tapered bellows connecting 171 mm F-line frames to 5x7" are still available new upon request.

Pre-1984 Arca Swiss Oschwald bellows attachment systems are not compatible with the current F-line system.