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20-Jul-2017, 13:37
The Manfrotto hex QR plates have holes for "locating pins" to keep the camera aligned. I don't recall seeing pins come with any of mine, though I see one plate advertised with one. With some leverage used in tightening the QR plate to the camera, the plate sometimes holds the camera tightly, but not always.

Any ideas for either finding or creating one? I assume the latter might involve using a metal file to round the ends of a short piece cut from alength of brass or steel stock of the right diameter, maybe available from Home Depot, and attaching some kind of washer that would keep it in place, unless epoxy would be a better solution. As you can tell, I'm not much experienced with tool-making.

Alternately, perhaps there is some liquid rubber to be applied to the plate surface to prevent the slipping.

I'd appreciate any guidance.

Ivan J. Eberle
20-Jul-2017, 13:56
I used the Bogen/Manfrotto system for many years though I don't recall ever seeing anything about a regulation dowel pin that fit these holes. What I do seem to remember is the holes are close to being the right size or perhaps even the exact number drill size for a 1/4'x20 thread tap. I always used hex key set-screws after tapping them. It mattered greatly for the long telephoto lenses I most often used, and for carrying them attached to the tripod over my shoulder.

20-Jul-2017, 16:21
6mm metric thread if the hole is already threaded. There seems to be no standard for these plates..Some of them have all the 6mm holes threaded, others have just one hole threaded and still others have none of the holes threaded.

20-Jul-2017, 19:41
Mine appear to be unthreaded. One is the old design with the three rubber pads, the others are the newer gray-painting ones. since they are not threaded, back to my question about unthreaded stock and some sort of washer. Any ideas, or is epoxy the solution here? Thanks.

Chester McCheeserton
21-Jul-2017, 08:34
I took my hex plate and camera to a machine shop and had them drill and tap a second 1/4x20 threaded hole into the bottom of my deardorff and drill a matching unthreaded hole through the hex plate. No problems with rotations anymore and I can also use the second hole in my camera when I switch to my lightweight ball head setup that uses a RRS quick release plate with two 1/4x20 screws.

21-Jul-2017, 10:25
I'd drill out the un-tapped holes and thread them-it's not that big a job.

21-Jul-2017, 11:56
[...]since they are not threaded, back to my question about unthreaded stock and some sort of washer. Any ideas, or is epoxy the solution here? Thanks.

I understand your frustration. I would wonder why the holes are even there, however they can serve as pilot holes for easy drilling and tapping, which as I will show here is quite simple, really. Referring to Chester's picture, for example, the hole closer to the center at 6 o'clock is almost ready for a 1/4x20 tap. That's where we can put in a headless hex-head stud. 1/4"x20 taps are quite common and inexpensive, so is the drill for readying the hole perfectly. Your local ACE hardware has everything, guaranteed.

So, using the appropriate drill size, open up that hole. An inexpensive cordless drill is fine because the hole is almost finished. Light duty. (My wife is so happy with hers for drilling walls to hang pictures.) So drill out the hole. 15 seconds. Put a drop of oil or soap on the tap, then turn the tap into the hole, turning it clockwise to cut a few threads, back it out a bit to clear chips, repeat until done. About 1 minute.

Here are the sizes: Drill size: #7 (or 13/64ths) , Tap size: 1/4-20 NC
Appropriate length hex-head stud (https://us.misumi-ec.com/material/mech/MSM1/PHOTO/10302679450.jpg) 1/4x20.

22-Jul-2017, 08:12
Thank you, Jac. As soon as I receive the Tachiara I just purchased from a forum member and can confirm which hole to use. I'll follow your advice. I have a friend who undoubtedly has all the equipment already. Much obliged.

9-Aug-2017, 12:05

I was cleaning out a drawer today and found 2 of these pins. If you want them, PM me with a mailing address