View Full Version : Ground Glass Size of Graphic View I vs Graphic View II Cameras

17-Jul-2017, 20:56
Does anyone happen to know if the ground glass sizes for the Graflex Graphic View cameras are the same for both the original and II model? I'm trying to figure out how I can shuffle some parts around to make a working camera but I don't have both in front of me to compare the sizes.


Jim Noel
18-Jul-2017, 08:26
Try the switch in which you are interested. If you are gentle there should be no problem. If the desired glass is slightly small, no problem. If slightly large, some 600-900 grit wet and dry sandpaper will work to remove small amounts of glass.

Jim Jones
18-Jul-2017, 15:25
The Graphic View I and early Graphic View II were fitted with a Graphic or Graflex back. Starting in 1955 only the Graflok back was provided. I believe both backs are fully interchangeable. The Graphic view I at hand has the later Graflok back. Its measured absolute maximum ground glass size is 3.995 x 4.858 inches. The installed (probably not original) GG is several thousands of an inch smaller. If needed, I can disassemble an early Graphic I back and measure it.

18-Jul-2017, 17:41
The GVI I have has the Spring back on it while the GVII has a Graflok back on it. The GVII's ground glass is broken and I'm trying to determine if I can move the ground glass from the GVI into the GVII. Unfortunately, I can't easily get to the 2nd camera right now, so I was hoping someone could measure both. Online, I see pretty consistent reports that the GVII Graflok ground glass is 100x122mm, which matches well with your statement that your GVI Graflok back (which is not original to your GVI, they only ever shipped with Spring backs according graflex.org) is within a few thousandths of that dimension. The only mention of the size of the GVI Spring back ground glass dimensions are someone saying "it's the same height but too wide to fit". One person's vague report doesn't make me highly confident in the reality of the situation.

Hence looking for the real dimensions of the GVI ground glass.