View Full Version : Looking for enlargers in Oregon

Robert Brummitt
16-Jul-2017, 22:17
Hi there!

I'm helping a high school in Eugene, Oregon rebuild their darkroom. They are looking for Bessler 23CII enlargers. If you happen to have one or know someone who has one and are willing to sell it for a good price or donate it? Please contact me at robert8x10@hotmail.com.

They have about 12 enlargers in various degrees of shape. I had found three so far but two were in not great shapes and put together to make into one.

Any help is great appreciated!

Robert Brummitt

Robert Langham
17-Jul-2017, 07:29
I have a 23C with every conceivable accessory that I would be willing to ship up for the cost of shipping. PM me


17-Jul-2017, 10:25
I have twice seen Beseler 23C types sold for under $75 at local thrift stores. If you're willing to scour local thrift stores, you might find a surprise. I would also check craigslist, and call in at Dot Dotson. The last time I was at Dot's, they had a 23C in very good condition in the "spare parts" room, but it had no lens or neg carriers. If it had, I would have bought it on the spot. I have the feeling they would have let it go for a song.
In the meantime, I will check my local thrift stores to see what might be out there.


21-Jul-2017, 11:22