View Full Version : Linhof wide angle focusing device - non parallel?

Marco Gilardetti
12-Jul-2017, 01:40
Gentle fellows,

I recently acquired a Linhof wide angle focusing device. This acessory is very sturdy and seems absolutely impossible to break or bend, BUT it seems to me that the front standard and the back plate are not parallel and I can't understand if this is intentional or not. I checked pictures of other units on the internet, but almost all are taken in perspective view and it is impossible for me to judge.

Attached there is an atrocious picture of my wide angle focusing, device taken with a cellphone directly at the camera repair shop, so please pardon the quality. Although out of focus, I think it is clearly visible that the slot beteween the front moving part and the rear plate is larger at the bottom and narrower at the top. The difference is 1 mm approximately.

Can please other owners of a wide angle focusing device check their unit and see if this is normal?

Does anybody know if there is some way to compensate this? Perhaps the two rods on which the front standard moves back and forth are eccentric and adjustable?

Thank you very much.


16-Jul-2017, 20:06
I looked at mine and the distance between the slot seems identical on the bottom and top. Is it possible the focus screw is mis-threaded, making it tilt?

Marco Gilardetti
17-Jul-2017, 04:10
Thanks a lot for replying and thanks a lot for checking, Bryan! I figured it was likely not normal, but I couldn't be sure as I never saw another one of these devices.