View Full Version : Sinar Biocular Reflex Viewer too heavy?

11-Jul-2017, 14:56
Just picked up a Sinar Biocular Reflex Viewer and while it's mounted to the back it tends to pull on the back so that it hangs a little at the top. Seems like it's too heavy for the spring. Does this make sense to anyone whose used this combo? Pretty easy to deal with, with a large rubber band or something but it's a bit of a pain... one would think they'd have designed around that.. or do I just have a weak spring or something? Using an F2.

W K Longcor
11-Jul-2017, 16:14
Something isn't right. I have used the reflex viewer on my 4x5 for years --never had your problem. I would take the reflex unit off and do a little "exploring" to see if the back is loose or weak.