View Full Version : Major Photography Exhibition at Art Institute of Chicago/through October 29, 2017

Merg Ross
11-Jul-2017, 08:20
Presently on view, this exhibition honors Hugh Edwards, former Curator of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago. For approximately a dozen years, starting in 1959, Hugh Edwards acquired major works representing myriad styles of photography. "The Photographer's Curator:Hugh Edwards" exhibit will be on view until October 29, 2017. Five galleries are dedicated to the photographs.

On a personal note, I first met Hugh in 1959. Over the years of our friendship he enthusiastically shared his vast knowledge and love of photography; I learned a great deal from him. It is gratifying to know that the fruits of his labor have been gathered together in this tribute.

It would be good to hear from those who have seen the exhibit, and their impressions.


Merg Ross
26-Jul-2017, 20:13
I recently discovered that I have a print in Gallery 10 of this exhibition. The image accompanies the foreword to my new book --- a happy coincidence!


Has anyone here seen the exhibit!

Eric Biggerstaff
27-Jul-2017, 06:34
I wish I could see it Merg, I am sure it will be an outstanding show. And congratulations on having a print hanging in the show!

Richard Wasserman
27-Jul-2017, 09:17
I saw this show yesterday and can't speak highly enough of it. It truly does honor Hugh Edwards and his contributions to the museum and the medium, as well as the support he gave to many photographers at a time when photography did not have the respect in the art world it has today. Mr. Edwards believed strongly that knowing the history of photography is extremely important. That thinking is reflected in this show. The depth and breadth of it is amazing—it is a pleasure to see work by Fox Talbot and Ray Metzger sharing wall space. A very large number of photographers are represented by single images, and yes that includes Merg Ross—Congratulations Merg! There is also a large group who have multiple images on display—the Art Institute blurb sums it up pretty well.

I haven't fully processed the show and will be going back for multiple viewings, it was too much for me to take in at one time.

FYI, there is a large and wonderful Robert Frank exhibit in the photography gallery in the Modern wing that is well worth a visit.

Here is Merg's photo done at the ripe old age of 13

Peter De Smidt
27-Jul-2017, 09:56
I'll try to make it to the exhibition. Congratulations, Merg!

David Karp
27-Jul-2017, 10:31
Great choice for the exhibition. Way to go Merg! I wish I could see the show.

Merg Ross
27-Jul-2017, 13:35
Richard, thanks so much for the good report and photo. I had a suspicion that you would not be disappointed!

It's a wonderful feeling to see my small print on a wall among the many photographs acquired by Mr. Edwards. He knew the history of photography, and with deep understanding and appreciation, selected works from the various genres. It is astounding what he accomplished in such a short time; we are fortunate.

Thanks again, and also to Eric, Peter, and Dave.

Richard Wasserman
27-Jul-2017, 14:30
Merg, the other photographs are in good company with yours! They actually all play together nicely and it's a treat to see them all together.

It is a great show that I hope everyone who can get to Chicago will take the time to see. There's even a 35mm decisive moment photo by Ansel Adams—you don't see that side of him very often.