View Full Version : Mount/matt & framing tintype and Ambrotype images?

9-Jul-2017, 09:12
Anyone have a good way to mount tintype and Ambrotype - glass plate images and framing them?

With glass plates being somewhat fragile I am looking for a good and if possible, a historic method of framing the images for view and display.

Prefer conservation framing methods for my normal work but holding glass plates and tintypes is a different ballgame. Dry mounting and corner clips doesn't seem to be a good choice.

Input and experience appreciated. Pointing me towards historical framing of these images is as well. Talking with framing shops I am not all that excited about what they suggested as none I visited are familiar with glass plates.

bob carnie
9-Jul-2017, 09:22
Wilhelm's book on print permanence has a good section by Carol Brower regarding presentation , that may be a good source.

read up about reverse hinging possibilities and as well most of the vendors will supply corner systems which I use for delicate work.

30-Aug-2017, 17:59
I actually did this for a few 8X10 ambrotypes I made. I based the design off of how they originally protected the glass.
Front to Back Sandwich...
1)Museum Glass
2)Thin lazer cut museum mat board (so glass doesn't touch ambrotype,and can't be seen when in the frame)
4)museum mat board backing or aluminum

then I took the sandwich and covered the edges with linen tape to seal it.
put sandwich in frame
put another foam backing and linen taped that to the frame. I was trying to keep dust out.
I built custom frames that hung by d-rings.
I keep them wrapped and stored when not being shown.


Recommended books --> I found a diagram in a book I based my sandwich off of. It was either that guy who lives in the "1880s" style (I forget his name), and Christopher james' alternative process book.

William Whitaker
30-Aug-2017, 19:16